Pearls Of Power

Μέσα στο ολοστρόγγυλο μαργαριτάρι, στροβιλίζονται οι μαγικές γητειές.


Pearl of Power 1st level spell; Cost: 1000 gp
Pearl of Power 2nd level spell; Cost: 4000 gp
Pearl of Power 3rd level spell; Cost: 9000 gp
Pearl of Power 4th level spell; Cost: 16000 gp
Pearl of Power 5th level spell; Cost: 25000 gp
Pearl of Power 6th level spell; Cost: 36000 gp
Pearl of Power 7th level spell; Cost: 49000 gp
Pearl of Power 8th level spell; Cost: 64000 gp
Pearl of Power 9th level spell; Cost: 81000 gp
Once per day on command, a pearl of power enables the possessor to recall any one spell that she had prepared and then cast. The spell is then prepared again, just as if it had not been cast. The spell must be of a particular level, depending on the pearl.


Ο Jyas ανακάλυψε το μαγικό μαργαριτάρι στο σεντούκι του θησαυρού, στον βάλτο της Ύδρας, στο δάσος του Yuirwood.

Pearls Of Power

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